The Twin Peaks Lock-in
a weekend long festival of Twin Peaks, the television show/movie. Enjoy the pilot, all 29 episodes, and the feature length film, Fire Walk With Me in one weekend! We'll enjoy black coffee, cherry pie, and very little sleep. Email me for more details. If you are coming to visit or hang out and converse, please do so when we are not watching the actual show so as not to disrupt (thank you). My place is small, so if you are sleeping over be prepared to sleep on the floor unless you bring an air mattress or sleeping pad.
For more info, visit the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) site for Twin Peaks.

Please consider bringing some food (snacks, fruit, etc.) for general consumption. It would also be tremendous if people would bring beverages (beer, soda, wine, OJ, etc) for everyone to enjoy. THANKS!

Sleping Bag
Sleeping pad/blankets
Change of clothes (please)
Deodorant (pretty please)
Tooth brush/tooth paste
NoDoz (ps. we will have PLENTY of hot black coffee to keep you all awake! :)
03.02.01 - 03.04.01

Friday 9:00pm - 10:34pm
Pilot Episode >> 94min

Laura Palmer's body is discovered, wrapped in plastic; Ronette Pulaski wanders out of the woods; FBI Agent Dale Cooper arrives in Twin Peaks to investigate and finds an unusual clue on Laura's body; Audrey Horne disrupts her father's negotiations with some Norwegian businessmen; Cooper and Sheriff Truman discover the grisly murder site in the woods, and warn the town that the killer may be from their community; tempers flare at the Roadhouse.

Friday 10:37pm - 11:24pm
Episode 1, Season 1 >> 47min (1 of 29)

FBI Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry Truman discover more about the troubled secret life of the murdered Laura Palmer; Big Ed Hurley reveals that he was drugged at the Roadhouse; a frightened James Hurley, vengeful Bobby Briggs and Mike Nelson are released from jail; Catherine Martell lays bare her plot to take control of the Packard sawmill.

Friday - Saturday 11:24pm - 12:11am
Episode 2, Season 1 >> 47min (2 of 29)

FBI Agent Dale Cooper demonstrates an unusual deductive technique for the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department; Benjamin Horne and his brother, Jerry, take a trip to One-Eyed Jacks; Donna Hayward and James Hurley pledge their love; Leo Johnson holds Bobby Briggs at gunpoint; Cooper has a strange dream.

Saturday 12:11am - 12:58am
Episode 3, Season 1 >> 47min (3 of 29)

The townsfolk of Twin Peaks gather for Laura Palmer's funeral; Cooper interprets his dream about the killer; Truman reveals to Cooper the secret of the Bookhouse Boys.

Saturday 12:58am - 1:45am
Episode 4, Season 1 >> 47min (4 of 29)

Cooper and Truman track down the one-armed man and some strange new evidence in Laura Palmer's murder; Norma Jennings attends a parole board hearing for her husband; Audrey Horne decides to begin her own investigation.

Saturday 1:45am - 2:32am
Episode 5, Season 1 >> 47min (5 of 29)

Cooper and Truman have tea with the Log Lady and discover a macabre crime scene in the woods; Audrey Horne takes a job at her father's department store; Hank Jennings returns from prison to the Double R Diner; James Hurley and Donna Hayward take Madeleine Ferguson into their confidence.

Saturday 2:32am - 3:19am
Episode 6, Season 1 >> 47min (6 of 29)

Agent Cooper and Big Ed pay a special visit to One-Eyed Jacks, while Audrey Horne goes undercover as a hostess there; Josie Packard shares her suspicions with Truman about Catherine Martell's intentions; Dr. Jacoby receives a phone call from the dead Laura Palmer.

Saturday 3:19am - 4:06am
Episode 7, Season 1 >> 47min (7 of 29)

Cooper and Truman's investigation builds to a terrifying conclusion; Dr. Jacoby heads for his rendezvous with "Laura Palmer"--and its bizarre consequences; Catherine Martell and Shelly Johnson are hopelessly trapped; Hank Jennings' evil influence spreads, engulfing Josie Packard.

Saturday 4:10am ...
Go to sleep

sleep well, and tomorrow enjoy the fine dining at the Tastee Diner (click for directions!) I personally have to go to softball practice at 9:00am, so I will return around 10:45am. You are all on your own for brunch, which is why I recommend Tastee Diner. There's plenty of other cafés and other venues to eat within walking distance in Bethesda, as well as my kitchen.

Saturday 11:00am - 1:34pm
Episode 1, Season 2 >> 94min (8 of 29)

A shot and bleeding Agent Cooper has visions of a giant; Audrey is imprisoned at the casino/bordello One-Eyed Jacks; Donna receives a strange message; Josie and Catherine are missing; a stirring Ronette relives Laura's murder.

Saturday 1:34pm - 2:21pm
Episode 2, Season 2 >> 47min (9 of 29)

Cooper learns his ex-partner, Windom Earle, has escaped from a mental asylum; Major Briggs gives Cooper a message; Donna meets an eerie old woman and her grandson; Ben orders Leland killed; Deputy Andy thinks he's sterile; Audrey learns more about Laura, but is uncovered by a vengeful Blackie.

Saturday 2:21pm - 3:08pm
Episode 3, Season 2 >> 47min (10 of 29)

Donna finds a diary of Laura's at Harold Smith's house; Blackie holds Audrey hostage, and plots with Jean Renault; James and Madeleine become close, to Donna's dismay; Lucy lunches with Dick Tremayne; Dr. Jacoby undergoes hypnosis, leading to an arrest.

Saturday 3:08pm - 3:55pm
Episode 4, Season 2 >> 47min (11 of 29)

Cooper is stymied by an unusual request from Ben Horne to save Audrey's life; Josie introduces her "cousin" Jonathan from Hong Kong; Renault deals with Battis.

Saturday 3:55pm - 4:42pm
Episode 5, Season 2 >> 47min (12 of 29)

Cooper and Truman stage a raid on One-Eyed Jacks; Leland attends his court hearing; Donna and Madeleine plot to steal Laura's secret diary from Harold Smith; Ben gets a business proposition.

Saturday 4:42pm - 5:29pm
Episode 6, Season 2 >> 47min (13 of 29)

Donna and Madeleine fear an enraged Harold Smith; Shelly and Bobby, hold a "welcome home" party for the comatose Leo; Cooper's boss, Gordon Cole, visits to warn Cooper of threats; Josie strieks a deal with Ben and leaves with Jonathan; the one-armed man reveals some information about "Bob".

Saturday 5:29pm - 6:16pm
Episode 7, Season 2 >> 47min (14 of 29)

Ben is brought in for questioning after Audrey confronts him about One-Eyed Jacks and passes the information to Cooper; Andy ponders the meaning of Harold Smith's note; having misjudged the money due them, Shelly and Bobby are cash-strapped; Bobby finds a microcassette of Leo's; Madeleine prepares to go home; Pete learns Tojamura's plans.

Saturday 6:16pm - 7:03pm
Episode 8, Season 2 >> 47min (15 of 29)

Norma's visiting mother introduces her new husband, unaware of his connections to Hank; Lucy returns, with her sister; Bobby decides to blackmail Ben, who also gets a tape-recorded ultimatum; the one-armed man leads to a grisly discovery.

Saturday 7:05pm - 8:30pm
Dinner Break

Make your way to Subway or any of the many close by feed bags nearby. Run around a bit and stretch those legs and ponder the next episode.

Saturday 8:30pm - 9:17pm
Episode 9, Season 2 >> 47min (16 of 29)

From a piece of Laura's secret diary, Cooper discovers he and Laura shared the same dream, with her message in it leading him to her killer; Catherine tricks Ben into signing away the mill; Lucy, Andy and Tremayne confront each other over her pregnancy.

Saturday 9:17pm - 10:04pm
Episode 10, Season 2 >> 47min (17 of 29)

As Cooper says his goodbyes, an FBI agent arrives to suspend him and investigate the unauthorized One-Eyed Jacks affair; the publisher of the Twin Peaks Gazette argues with his brother, the Mayor; Renault recruits Hank and Ernie to frame Cooper; Nadine, deluded that she's a teenager, enrolls in high school; Major Briggs, fishing with Cooper, has a strange encounter in the woods.

Saturday 10:04pm - 10:51pm
Episode 11, Season 2 >> 47min (18 of 29)

Cooper is investigated by the FBI and the DEA; Nadine falls for teen Mike Nelson; James gets room and board for helping a beautiful blond; Hank confronts Ben; Tremayne becomes Big Brother to a terror; Catherine forces Josie to become her maid; Andrew Packard turns up alive.

Saturday 10:51pm - 11:38pm
Episode 12, Season 2 >> 47min (19 of 29)

Cooper finds cocaine at a deserted house Renault uses; Andy and Tremayne confront concerns of Nicky's past; a mentally decaying Ben has Bobby tail Hank; Dougie Milford dies under unusual circumstances; supernaturally superstrong Nadine joins the wrestling team; Major Briggs returns.

Saturday - Sunday 11:38pm - 12:25am
Episode 13, Season 2 >> 47min (20 of 29)

Cooper is held hostage by Renault; Andy and Tremayne pry into Nicky's past; Catherine professes her love for Ben; James succumbs to a treacherous Evelyn; Ed and Norma succumb to each other; Hank confronts Big Ed; Cooper's ex-partner Windom Earle makes a move.

Sunday 12:25am - 1:12am
Episode 14, Season 2 >> 47min (21 of 29)

Cooper confides to Truman his past experiences with Windom Earle; Earle meanwhile takes in Leo; Audrey strikes a business deal with Bobby; James realizes he has been set up; Josie's dangerous old lover, Thomas Eckhardt, appears.

Sunday 1:12am - 1:59am
Episode 15, Season 2 >> 47min (22 of 29)

Cooper finds some evidence about who shot him, and gets help from the town's resident chess master in matching wits with Windom Earle in the deadly chess game; Donna makes a desperate plea to save James; Nadine surprises Ed and Norma; Catherine uses Josie to lure Eckhardt.

Sunday 1:59am - 2:46am
Episode 16, Season 2 >> 47min (23 of 29)

Ed proposes to Norma; James and Donna break up; Audrey handsome, wealthy admirer from her past; Earle mails a puzzle to Audrey, Shelly and Donna; Josie makes a confession, after a dreaded encounter with Thomas Eckhardt; Cooper has another vision.

Sunday 2:46am - 3:33am
Episode 17, Season 2 >> 47min (24 of 29)

Cooper is attracted to Norma's sister, Annie, returning to the world from a convent; Truman withdraws from everyone; Donna receives a macabre family visitor; Audrey falls for Wheeler; Nadine and her teenage beau Mike Nelson check into the Great Northern Hotel; Ben hosts an environmental benefit.

Sunday 3:33am - 4:20am
Episode 18, Season 2 >> 47min (25 of 29)

Cooper and the Sheriff's Department go spelunking in Owl Cave; Truman awakens in the murderous embrace of a naked woman; Windom Earle insinuates himself into the lives of potential victims; Audrey and Donna see Mrs. Hayward meet with Ben.

Sunday 4:25am
Go to sleep

Sunday morning church at 4th Presbyterian : 9:30 service, 11:00 Young Career Fellowship, 12:15 quick lunch.

Sunday 1:00pm - 1:47pm
Episode 19, Season 2 >> 47min (26 of 29)

Cooper and Truman try to decipher the hieroglyph from Owl Cave; plans for the Miss Twin Peaks contest get underway; Tremayne holds a wine tasting at the Great Northern Hotel; Cooper falls for Annie, and Gordon for Shelley; Windom Earle makes his next move.

Sunday 1:47pm - 2:34pm
Episode 20, Season 2 >> 47min (27 of 29)

Cooper and Truman continue to investigate the mystery of Owl Cave; Windom Earle snares Major Briggs; Cooper romances Annie; Donna makes a discovery on her birth certificate; Wheeler leaves suddenly after receiving urgent news.

Sunday 2:34pm - 3:21pm
Episode 21, Season 2 >> 47min (28 of 29)

Cooper and Truman decipher part of the secret of the Black Lodge; Cooper helps Annie prepare for the Miss Twin Peaks contest; Major Briggs escapes from Earle; Catherine continues her battle with the black box; Lucy chooses the father of her baby; Earle interrupts the contest.

Sunday 3:21pm - 4:55pm
Episode 22, Season 2 >> 94min (29 of 29)

Cooper and Truman figure out the location of the Black Lodge, and rush to save Miss Twin Peaks there; Nadine regains her senses; Donna confronts her parents about Ben; Audrey stages an act of civil disobedience; Cooper enters the Black Lodge.

Sunday 5:00pm - 7:14pm
Fire Walk With Me >> 134min

Feature-length, theatrical release, prequel to the television series.

Sunday 7:15
Q & A

Any of your questions will be discussed and hopefully answered.