Friends and Folks

Denny and Courtenay Brandt:
These two fun loving kids now have their own page! Former bassist for the hit band 'Vine', Denny now is a technical writer and an avid lover of stock car racing. When not dreaming of a 'Vine' reunion, Denny is spending time with his wonderful wife Courtenay.

The Professor:
The mastermind behind the new world order, this professor will give you a checkup that you will never forget. Paul Rickards ; He's fast, he's tricky, and he's got two turntables with which he tears up the dance floor. You want it? You got it.

Ben Newcott:
This guy is an old friend from home. He is rambunctious, philosophical, smart, confusing, and loves U2. What more could you want? Check out 'Bennies World' for a fistful of fun.

Oozy is a smelly kid with a love of pyrotechnics. If Oozy could be reincarnated he would be Prometheus; the Greek god of fire. Oozy has some cool pics on his site of all the boys from back home. Check out his shack.

Andy is my stinky face roomate. Someday he is going to take over the crazy world that we live in, and he's going to make me the ruler of Australia. Former lead singer of the smash band "Vine" Andy now aspires to be a video store owner.


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