April 2000

Sister Amanda Riecken, April 5, 2000
O my Brothers (dare I presume?), this may truly be a time of enlightenment for us all!

While in truth it has been quite some time since I have witnessed the florid cheek (she!) and sagging teats (he!) characteristic of the notorious indigents I believe you refer to as TACPAL, I think I may have some information on past sightings which could supplement your own worthy catalogue.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amanda (I hope in time I may be honored amongst you as a Sister), and I once tracked the progress through Foggy Bottom and Dupont Circle of a pair I always thought of as the Ramones, due to the striking coiffeur of the male. (I admit his mate did not intrinsically fit the moniker, "Ramones." Since the man seemed to carry the majority of their shared charisma, however, I did not feel this incongruity was significant.)

Before I launch into my tales-though the notable incidents themselves are few-of this most curious couple, I must be certain that my Ramones are your Tonto and Cabbage Patch Lady! Alas, I have only this one crude rendering. Can you please review the attached and advise me whether I should continue?

*click me to enlarge!*

With great respect and With hope for a mutually beneficial Alliance,

I am -

Amanda Riecken