January 2000

Brother Christopher Thatch, February 9, 2000
Homeys . . . Sackett and I saw the challenged G again at Tonto's bus stop this morning. He's strugglin' big time, no doubt; looks like he never closes his mouth, maybe a little drool hanging off the bottom lip. He was sportin' a green New York Jets cap and one of those Fat Triple Goose down jackets. There were also a couple hoochies waiting w/him at the stop. He looked ready to pounce. Tonto, CPL, where are you?

Brother Christopher Himes, February 4, 2000
Agreed--we must greet them with a cornopia of gifts upon the thaw of spring or we will reap a harvest of rath.

Brother Patrick Thatch, February 3, 2000
DAMN good theory by brother Zuba. Let's just hope Tonto and CPL are safe and well protected wherever they may be.

Brother Doru Zuba, February 3, 2000
The "kimosabe(?) force" is matched by no other street dweller. Let that be understood! This G is pretty damn lucky that he's still alive. My theory is that Tonto has placed an ancient curse on his enemy, causing him to watch and protect the hallowed MacArthur Blvd. bus stop dwelling until Tonto & CPL return. Who knows what then will be the fate of Mr. G man.

Brother Christopher Thatch, February 3, 2000
Yesterday around 8:20 AM Sackett and I saw a real sketchy looking G occupying Tonto's bus stop on MacArthur Blvd. For real, he wasn't all there, definitely rode the short bus at some point. Anyway, we're concerned that this homey may have driven Tonto and CPL away, seeing as there hasn't been a sighting for some time. We've seen him at the bus stop before, but hadn't really thought much of it until now. Sackett thinks this G may have eaten our fearless leaders; that seems a little farfetched, but who knows. He definitely looked hungry yesterday . . .