501-09 Rear View Mirrors 2014 Fiesta
Description and Operation Procedure revision date: 04/29/2013

Rear View Mirrors - Overview

Overview - Exterior, Power

The power mirrors allow the LH and RH exterior mirror glass position to be adjusted electronically by the driver. The exterior mirror glass position is controlled by the exterior mirror control switch. Selecting the LH or RH position of the exterior mirror selection switch determines which power mirror glass to control.

Overview - Exterior, Heated

The exterior mirrors are available with heated mirror glass to remove frost, snow, ice and condensation.

Overview - Interior

The interior rear view mirror may be equipped with a manual or auto-dimming feature to control the reflectance of the interior rear view mirror glass. The manual dimming feature is controlled by the driver with the lever at the bottom of the mirror. The auto-dimming feature electronically darkens the interior rear view mirror glass when bright lights (glare) are detected from behind the vehicle during nighttime conditions.