417-01 Exterior Lighting 2014 Fiesta
Removal and Installation Procedure revision date: 05/21/2013

Headlamp Bulb


NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.

  1. WARNING: The bulb contains gas under pressure. The bulb may shatter if the glass envelope is scratched or if the bulb is dropped. Handle the bulb only by its base. Avoid touching the glass envelope. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.

    NOTE: Do not remove the headlamp bulb from the headlamp until just before a new bulb is installed. Removing the bulb for an extended period of time may affect headlamp bulb performance. Contaminants may enter the headlamp where they can settle on the lens and reflector. Never turn on the headlamps with the bulb removed.

    Make sure the headlamp switch and the ignition switch are in the OFF position.

Low beam bulb

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector.

High beam bulb

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector.


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.