415-00C Information and Entertainment System - General Information - Vehicles With: AM/FM/CD/SYNC/Touchscreen Display 2014 Fiesta
General Procedures Procedure revision date: 07/18/2013

Audio Front Control Module (ACM) Self-Test

  1. WARNING: Before beginning any service procedure in this section, refer to Health and Safety Precautions in section 100-00 General Information. Failure to follow this instruction may result in serious personal injury.

    Refer to: Health and Safety Precautions (100-00 General Information, Description and Operation).
  1. NOTE: If the ACM , FCDIM (if equipped), FCIM , or FDIM (if equipped) are inoperative (blank or do not power on), obtain the ACM part number by referencing the label attached to the ACM chassis.

    Turn the ACM on.

  1. Operate the audio system in radio tuner AM / FM mode.
  1. Press and hold the eject button, and within 1 second, press and hold the seek up button. If supported, the speaker walk around test will begin, and the display will indicate each speaker as it is tested.

NOTE: AHU Diagnostics refers to the ACM , EFP Diagnostics refers to the FCIM that communicates on the CAN (if equipped), and MFD Diagnostics (if supported) refers to the FCDIM (if equipped).

  1. To exit the self-diagnostic mode, turn the ACM off, or select "Exit Diagnostics."