501-11 Glass, Frames and Mechanisms 2014 Fiesta
Removal and Installation Procedure revision date: 04/30/2013

Front Door Window Regulator


NOTE: Removal steps may contain installation details.

NOTE: Driver side shown, passenger side similar.

  1. Refer to: Front Door Window Glass (501-11 Glass, Frames and Mechanisms, Removal and Installation).
  1. NOTE: Back side of carrier shown for clarity.

    NOTE: Do not remove the carrier from the door.

    NOTE: During installation, make sure the carrier tabs are correctly positioned inside the run channel retainers before sliding the carrier in place otherwise the carrier will prevent the installation of the window glass.

    Torque : 9 Nm
  1. NOTE: Do not remove the carrier from the door.

    If equipped.
    Torque : 3.5 Nm
  1. NOTE: Carrier shown removed from door for clarity.

    Torque : 3.5 Nm


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
  1. If the door is equipped with one-touch up the power window motor must be initialized.
    Refer to: Power Door Window Initialization - Vehicles With: One-Touch Up and Down Driver Window/One-Touch Up and Down Front Windows (501-11 Glass, Frames and Mechanisms, General Procedures).