414-00 Charging System - General Information 2014 Fiesta
Description and Operation Procedure revision date: 04/26/2013

Charging System - 1.0L EcoBoost (90kW/120PS)/1.6L EcoBoost (132kW/180PS) - Sigma - Overview


The Charging System is a negative ground system consisting of:

The generator is driven by the FEAD belt. When the engine is started, the generator begins to generate AC voltage which is internally converted to DC voltage. The DC voltage level is controlled by the voltage regulator (located on the rear of the generator) and is supplied to the battery. The PCM controls the voltage regulator set point, communicating with the generator internal voltage regulator over a dedicated LIN communication circuit.

This vehicle is equipped with load shed strategy. The BCM monitors the battery state of charge using the battery monitoring sensor attached to the negative battery post. The PCM uses the information supplied from the battery monitoring sensor to adjust the engine idle stability and torque control.