310-01A Fuel Tank and Lines - 1.6L Duratec-16V Ti-VCT (88kW/120PS) - Sigma 2014 Fiesta
Description and Operation Procedure revision date: 05/7/2013

Fuel Tank and Lines - Overview


Fuel Tank and Lines

The fuel tank and lines consist of the following:

The vehicle:

Fuel Pump Shut-off Feature

NOTE: Refer to the Description and Operation, Intelligent Access with Push Button Start in Section 419-01A to review the procedures for achieving the various ignition states (ignition OFF, ignition in ACCESSORY, ignition ON and ignition START) on vehicles with this feature.

In the event of a moderate to severe collision, the vehicle is equipped with a Fuel Pump and Sender Shut-off Feature that is initiated by the event notification signal.

The event notification signal is a signal provided by the RCM to the FPDM . Signal communication between the RCM and the FPDM allows the PCM to shut-off the Fuel Pump.

Should the vehicle shut off after a collision due to this feature, the vehicle may be restarted by first turning the ignition to the OFF position and then turn the ignition to the ON position. In some instances the vehicle may not start the first time and may take one additional ignition cycle.