303-01A Engine - 1.6L Duratec-16V Ti-VCT (88kW/120PS) - Sigma 2014 Fiesta
Description and Operation Procedure revision date: 05/2/2013



The 1.6L 4-cylinder engine has the following features:

Engine Identification

Always refer to these labels when installation of new parts is necessary or when checking engine calibrations. The engine parts often differ within a CID family. Verification of the identification codes will make sure the correct parts are obtained. These codes contain all the pertinent information relating to the dates, optional equipment and revisions.

Engine Code Information Label

The engine code information label, located on the front side of the timing cover, contains the following:

Item Description
1 Engine part number
2 Derivative of build
3 Bar code
4 Engine build date and time
5 Engine displacement
6 Engine build date (YYMMDD)
7 Bar code
8 Plant code (Taubate)

Engine Cylinder Identification

System Operation

Lubrication System

The engine lubrication system operates as follows:

Valve Train

The valve train uses direct acting mechanical buckets (DAMB). The camshaft lobes are positioned directly above mechanical buckets which are positioned on top of the valves.

Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT)

The Ti-VCT system allows variable control of the valves which optimizes combustion at full load providing improved power and low speed torque (broadening the torque curve) which enables variable valve overlap which provides better fuel economy and emissions and provides optimized cold start operation with improved exhaust emissions.