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04/25/2000 MCMR

I have been a member of the Maryland Central Model Railroad club since 1999. The club runs ran a beautiful layout featuring many types of operation, scenery, locomotives, and rolling stock. Currently, (10/2004) the layout is undergoing a conversion from Dynatrol walk around throttles to a Digitrax DCC system is no more; it was demolished 4 years ago. Also, several scenic elements are being updated, added to, and modified. The club has a great website : where you can find out more info, and meeting and special events schedules. These photos are of subjects at various points around the old layout. All images shot with Kodak DC210 Plus digital camera.

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04_25_00-MCMR01t.jpg Western Maryland connection passes Taliferro's Gravels on the Maryland Central's (MC) Bayard Branch.
04_25_00-MCMR03t.jpg Local freight approaches Bayard Jct. on its way to Altamont.
04_25_00-MCMR04t.jpg The end of the MC Bayard Branch, features a number of industries.
04_25_00-MCMR05t.jpg Local freight climbs 3% grade between Bayard Jct. & Summit.
04_25_00-MCMR06t.jpg Bayard Jct. Depot resides in the shadow of a large double track truss bridge.
04_25_00-MCMR08t.jpg Train performs switching moves in front of the Altamont Depot.
04_25_00-MCMR09t.jpg Overhead view of the Altamont Depot.
04_25_00-MCMR10t.jpg Freight dock at the Altamont Depot.
04_25_00-MCMR11t.jpg Overview of the Altamont Yard with the roundhouse in the background.
04_25_00-MCMR12t.jpg Brand new Alco power departs the East end of the Altamont Yard.
04_25_00-MCMR13t.jpg Deep Creek branch engine terminal.
04_25_00-MCMR14t.jpg Midlothian Mine No. 8 is at the end of the Deep Creek Branch.
04_25_00-MCMR15t.jpg Big Savage Coal No. 4 provides heavy traffic on the McHenry Branch.
04_25_00-MCMR17t.jpg Local freight steams past the Bayard Jct. Depot.
04_25_00-MCMR18t.jpg Local freight switches Bayard Jct.
04_25_00-MCMR19t.jpg A main line freight passes the American Foundries Plant at Bayard Jct.
04_25_00-MCMR20t.jpg The American Foundries Plant at Bayard Jct.
04_25_00-MCMR21t.jpg The Western Maryland. RY Passes over the Interlocking at Redhouse.
04_25_00-MCMR23t.jpg Maryland Central Depot @ Savage.
04_25_00-MCMR24t.jpg Hidden layover tracks @ Cumberland.
04_25_00-MCMR25t.jpg Two freights pass @ Grantsville.
04_25_00-MCMR26t.jpg Westbound freight passes tower @ CR Junction.
04_25_00-MCMR27t.jpg Freight train crosses a creek near McHenry.
04_25_00-MCMR30t.jpg Overhead view @ Savage.
04_25_00-MCMR31t.jpg Frieght train heads for Altamont after leaving Savage.
04_25_00-MCMR32t.jpg Pan shot of a freight train at speed.
04_25_00-MCMR33t.jpg McHenry features truck dump coal loader.
04_25_00-MCMR34t.jpg Terminus of the McHenry Branch.
04_25_00-MCMR35t.jpg View of the Creek Valley near McHenry.
04_25_00-MCMR36t.jpg Visiting Motive power arrives in Altamont.
04_25_00-MCMR37t.jpg Eras collide.
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