08/09/2001 New England Railfanning

Driving back from my week-long hike on the Appalachian Trail, I decided to see what old Railroad artifacts I could turn up. I found quite a few great items on my trip, the highlight being the NH&VT RR (NHV) yard in Whitefield, NH, where many old pieces of equipment were stored. There were plows, flatcars, boxcars and even a friendly stationmaster who, after I asked, let me wander the yard and take pics. Had I known there were original, operating Ball Signals there in Whitefield I would have taken pics of them! Alas, I had no idea they were even there. Some great info and pics of the area can be found on The NERAIL New England Photo Archive.

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Amway 55 gallon drum
Boxcar end
Boxcar truck sideframe
Bulkhead flat
NHVT 1729?
NHVT station

Hoppers, bulkhead flatcar, boxcar

B&M Boxcar end
Talk about rails in the dirt!
North end of yard, looking Southwest.
Facing South
Farther north are the signals protecting the road near the North end of the yard. South side.
North side.
"main st."
Crawford Notch, NH
Heading South.
Brookside Av., Newton, MA
The street I grew up on. Behind me about 50 yds and down about 20 is the old Boston & Albany main line into Boston.
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