08/17/2002 Chatham, MA Railroad Museum

While on family vacation in Cape Cod, MA, my Dad, Wife and I set out to visit the Chatham Railroad Museum. The collection is housed in an 1887 depot and really fantastic. Included is a restored New York Central RR Caboose, ca. 1918 which you can walk thru. Ringing one of the old steam locomotive bells there brought tears to my eyes. There is a wonderful diorama of what Chatham looked like in the heyday of Cape Cod railroading.

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The Chatham Railroad Museum
From the parking lot.
Closer up, from the other side
The architecture is really something.
NYC Caboose
ca. 1917.
NYC Caboose
This caboose has been fully restored and is in great shape.
NYC Caboose
The interior is open for a walk-through, which is really nice.

The Station "platform"
Note the detailed decorative work.

Entering the NYC Caboose
View thru the car.
Inside the NYC Caboose
Looking up into the cupola.
Collage I
Group of photos depicting various steps in the restoration of the caboose.
Collage II
Shots depicting how the Caboose was delivered to the museum.
Collage III
Some pics and relics from the Camden & Amboy RR, a little further South in the USA, one of the earliest RR's in the USA.
Chatham ca. 1918
This diorama is very nice. Here is the locomotive servicing facility and the turntable.
Chatham ca. 1918
A fuel truck waits for the rail car and freight to clear the line before crossing.
Chatham ca. 1918
An overall shot of the yard.
Key to the diorama I
Some info.
Key to the diorama II
Some more info.
Pennsylvania Railroad Calendar I
Conway Yard, PA, in 1958. These old calendars are really neat and being a PRR fan this was a fun discovery.
Kristin waits for her tickets at the ticket window.
She'll be waiting a long, long time.
Pennsylvania Railroad Calendar II
A streamlined K4 rockets towards its destination w' the Broadway Ltd. in tow. This is a 1939 calendar
Pennsylvania Railroad Calendar III
Another hotshot passenger consist passing by a steel mill. This is a 1941 calendar. * Note December 7 there in the center panel - the "day of infamy". Eerie.
Pennsylvania Railroad Calendar IV
"100 Years". This one's been trimmed. I think it's a 1946 calendar because the PRR was given their charter on 04/13/1846. Shows an E unit (?), a T1 Steamer, some Steam Loco (?) and a GG1.
Kristin checking out some exhibits
This place is great. It's filled with railroadiana. Definitely worth a visit.
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