08/24/2002 Selbyville, DE: The Maryland & Delaware RR

While visiting Southern DE with some friends, we drove thru Selbyville and discovered an engine facility of the Maryland & Delaware Railroad, currently in operation on the Delmarva Penninsula. At the engine facilities was parked a CF7 engine. Also, evidence of the old PRR passenger ops were also evident by nearby foundations, supports and a dormant station platform. This line was once part of the Delaware RR then Delaware, Maryland & Virginia RR then PRR and is now the Snow Hill Line of the M&DRR. For a map (From Keystone Crossings), click here. Selbyville is in the lower-right corner of Delaware. The railroad first arrived in Selbyville in 1874.

The Maryland & Delaware RR has a website - check it out!

The Delmarva Railfan Guide has a page of pics of the Snow Hill Line.

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Selbyville enginehouse
The back side.
Track Car
At an adjacent antique shop, this car was parked outside.
Baggage cart
I think this cart is a PRR design, as I've seen some before that look similar. This cart was parked at the antique shop too.
CF7 2630
Ex-ATSF 2531, ATSF 18C
2630 from behind
Another logo may be parked inside the building.

Appears to be a modified plow. Maybe some sort of "cow-catcher" type.

Facing North, towards Maryland. Remnants of the old passenger station platform are evident to the right. The concrete is the border. The station still exists and has been moved; more on that later.
2630 from other side
Mainline is in foreground
Selbyville water tower
Located maybe 100 yards or so from the engine facilities.
Mainline & Engine House lead
Crossing Church St. (Rt. 7) facing South.
Mainline & Engine House
Standing w/ Church St. to my back. Facing North.
Station Platform
As you cross the tracks and walk a little further North, you come across the bricks of the station platform, still in place. You can also make out the shape of the station from the concrete foundation here. It's all there, and is just covered with a thin layer of sand, dirt and stone.
Engine house
2630 from the station platform
Standing on the station platform and turning back to the South, the Selbyville Station is still surviving, just off the right-of-way.
Station front
It appears to be a private residence now.
Station front
Located on East Railroad Ave.
Concrete bases
Across the street from the station is the mainline. Here there are some old concrete bases, no longer used. These are probably the bases for signal towers long gone.
Looking back North
The Engine House in the distance.
Engine House Lead
Those are not cabooses in the background; they're just mock-ups.
2630 closeup
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