3/1/2003 B&O Railroad Museum Damage

The snowstorm that hit the mid-atlantic region in 2003 over the President's Day holiday was one not to be forgotten, espically by the B&O RR Museum. 2/3 of the roof collapsed from that storm. Over 2' of snow overburdened the roof, causing it to collapse as if it was being unzipped from the walls. Much of the collection was damaged, and the museum plans to re-open 11/14/2004. More info on their site http://www.borail.org. These pics are from a trip my Wife and I took through Baltimore only weeks after the tragic day.

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View from W. Pratt St.
The dome of "The Cathedral of Railroading" still stands, while much of the roof has fallen in. Still snow on the ground.
Inside the walls
They moved the pieces out, one by one, as they could.
Another view from W. Pratt St.
Wide shot.
Mt. Clare Station
The back side.
Another view inside the yard.
The whole scene was quite messy.
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