11/26/2003 Newark DE B&O RR Bridge

The B&O RR used to pass right through downtown Newark, DE crossing several roads at grade and above, on bridges. One such bridge is this one, which still bears its B&O logo on the side. A painted stencil logo, it has survived for many years. Although this is not the oldest bridge in Newark (there is another, much more interesting bridge only a short distance from this one that is also older) it is very unusual to see an old logo like this on a bridge. UPDATE: The B&O logo is no more! The city of Newark has repainted the bridge with a rainbow. Another one bites the dust!

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12/27/2005 UPDATE - Bridge has been repainted
Now sports a rainbow and some text. Thanks to Paul for the photo!


Approach to the bridge
Traveling North towards the bridge. For an exact location on Yahoo! Maps, click here.
Wide shot
of bridge
Closer, logo in center
The classic B&O "Capitol Dome" style
A stencil painted logo
There is another logo on the other side but due to quite a bit of grafitti (there is also a walkway on the other side) it's harder to get.

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