02/17/2004 Randolph Rd, Rockville, MD B&O (CSX) Crossing/Signals

While waiting for my flat tire to get fixed I walked to the other side of the NTB parking lot where the old B&O Metropolitan Branch crosses Randolph Road in Rockville, MD. Here there are some old signals and the traffic is very busy. While waiting an hour I saw 4 trains. A coal drag, an Amtrak passenger train and two MARC trains. Very cool! A great train watching spot. Many years ago there was a station here built by the B&O. I imagine it did not last that long. There is no trace of it anymore. Below is a Valuation photo of the station, which I dug up at a recent B&O RR Historical Society Archives Sorting Session.

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Randolph Station
Located at the crossing of Randolph Road. I think the photo was taken in the 19-teens (??).
Randolph crossing
Two signals.
Randolph crossing
Again, a little less blurry.
Here is the Eastbound signal.
Eastbound signal.
A little closer up.
MARC Westbound Commuter heading across Randolph Rd.
Time was about 6:30pm.
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