The Story of a legend for all the world to hear....OOZY!

This is OOZY'S story

Once upon a time there was a boy named Billy. Billy Robinson. He was a nice young boy. Nothing like the beast he was to become. Billy lived a normal life, going to school, hanging out with friends, riding his bike. But then.....


Suddenly, he was transformed into a beast known only as 'bastard!!', or 'Dammit oozy!', or Shut UP Oozy', or just 'OOZY!' to his friends. Who would have thought that a little harmless boy could have become such a destructive force of this world? Oozy was transformed into a thing which loved fire, nuts (deez), and bad driving. For some reason, OOZY only can only communicate in the language of Mountain Biking, which consumes his thought and conversation. A strange phenomenon indeed.

As I travel this land I see Oozy Everywhere, and it reminds me of the life which can be so cruel. It just shivers my bones to think about it.

On the highway:

I realized that oozy, the beast that he was, was going to have to deal with his new condition, and make changes to accomodate his new lifestyle:

Sometimes, the little Beast would have to get away from the craziness surrounding his life, and visit his family. He would hop into his transport...

And across the land he would go visiting relatives all across this land...

His direct family:

His two cousins in montana:

And finally, his Aunt Sally in Georgia:

But of course, the best way to get a good idea what this maniac is like is to see him in action:

Here he is backing up in his lovely sedan. Notice the fire in his eyes...

Here's another beautiful shot, taken by the freak himself. In this shot take note of the political statement he is making...

Some where along the way, oozy learned how to use the computer and he has his own home page.... Take a look, if you dare!!

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