Ben Sullivan's Page of Moonlight Madness

Hello! And, Welcome to the Ben Sullivan Home Page. I a Senior at the University Of Delaware, Majoring in History, and Minoring in Photography.
I've got some cool links, a few pictures, some neat sounds to soothe even the savagest of beasts on the Net. And there are definitely some beasts out there. My nickname is Slug. A couple of my friends gave me that nickname: This guy: and This guy:

Before I continue, how many of you would like to hear a story? Well, if you would, then I have a wonderful one for you. So gather round the fire for the story of Oozy.

HEY!!!!!..... Guess Who I saw yesterday????

This Guy has a vengeance to strike down all of you who don't email me with all your nasty comments after viewing this page. DO IT....or else....I'll sendthis guy after you, and you don't want that to happen.

So, sit back with your rodent of choice in hand, and enjoy all there is to tantalize the senses here at the Slug Pit.

I Love music, many kinds... Do You?

I feel that guidance is important. Here is my mentor:

Go here to go on a trip through some of my tasty links!

Photography. It captures the essence of life.

E M A I L M E!