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Images & Prototype Information

THE OFFICIAL East Broad Top RR Home Page
The EBT has gone digital. The site contains all sorts of great info about the RR including history, photos, an up-to-date calendar and MUCH more. Check it out!

Rick Shoup's Collection of images
A co-founder of the Friends of the East Broad Top, Rick has a fantastic collection of photos. He shares some here on his site. Excellent descriptions of the photos which include many rare views in both black & white and color format.

Chris Coleman's EBT RR Homepage
Probably the most extensive and comprehensive website about the Railroad. Include lots of content from a virtual tour of the entire railroad (including photos) to a list of publications available (and no longer available). Lots to explore here!

Dave Dupler's 9/13/1975 EBT photo collection
A group from the Hocking Valley Scenic RR goes to the EBT to see the RR.

James A. Vliet's EBT page
LOTS of great pics and info here.

Rick Shoup's Atlantic & Western, a home layout
The story of Rick Shoup's home layout featuring dual gauge track. The layout is inspired by the EBT. Very impressive.
Restoration & Preservation

Friends of the East Broad Top
A nonprofit educational and historical society dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad National Historic Landmark in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.
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