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GHQ Models produces really nice 1:285 scale armor pieces for gaming purposes. A good friend of mine gave me this collection of "Micro Armor". I recently met some folks who are into gaming with them and its been a lot of fun digging these out and cleaning them up in anticipation for using them in the game. I need to repaint them and do some detailing. I finally made an inventory of the pieces, as I wasn't sure exactly what I had: click here.
Here is my main colletion of Micro Armor. Consisting of a German company & US company of tanks.
Some of the tiny troops.
Here are some squares I made from vinyl tile which I cut into 1"x1" pieces, painted brown and glued ground foam to with diluted white glue. The tanks will be glued to the squares for game play. I got the idea from a website - unfortunately, I can't remember which one.

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