Model Railroading
1887 Passenger Depot
Passenger Depot
Small Shop
Customied Atlas Turntable

InterMountain Grain Car
PRR Flat / Boom Car
Roundhouse kitbash
Stripping Plastic Locomotive Shells
Tyco "General" 4-4-0 Kitbash
Old Water Tower
Woodland Scenics Ice House new 3/8/2005

Plastic Models
Tamiya Ford M151A2 "MUTT" 1:35th scale
Jeep Willys (unknown)

Hasegawa Japanese Fighter Plane (?)
Tamiya DD445 Fletcher USN Destroyer, 1:350th scale
Tamiya LRDG truck 1:35th scale

R/C Cars
Kyosho Rampage
Kyosho Ultima

R/C Aircraft
GreatPlanes Spirit
Carl Goldberg A/C
Rubber-powered A/C
SoarStar ARF


Micro Armor (1:285 scale)
GHQ USA & German pieces


Brick Walk in front of house
Paint Spray Booth UPDATED 4/4/2005

Rockville Brewing Co., Hungerford Porter


Ben Sullivan
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