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This car was inherited to me by a friend. It has some wear and tear so I decided to completely disassemble the car, including the engine. The car came apart and all parts were cleaned. I have partially disassembled the engine, but have run into some problems removing the engine head; already I've stripped two allen keys! Click on an image for a larger version.

UPDATE! I've created a PDF of the directions for this model. You can download it here: 6mb PDF (* Please right-click and select "Save As", and save it to your hard drive.)
An overview of the parts after disassembly, before the engine was removed from the chassis.
Here's the chassis. The pull-starter is broken, as it won't recoil anymore.
The other side.
Closeup of engine on chassis. You can see where the four head screws are that are giving me a hard time.
Closeup of engine front.
Closeup of engine rear.
Cleaned parts.
Futaba Receiver, Battery Pack & Servos from the car.
More cleaned parts. Note old air filter - I have already purchased a replacement.
The wheels & tires.

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