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This kit came to me as a kid from one of my relatives as a hand-me-down. The kit was partially built and in generally good shape. Not being one for complex kits, after painting them black I basically took the frame, drivers, pilot, cab and tender and put them into my modeled "junk yard". I never really did anything else with it. Until recently.

When I decided that I'd like to model the Maryland & Pennsylvania RR*I started to look at what I had and see if there was a way to save some money in the motive power arena. The MA&PA had a couple 4-4-0's, but the boiler and detailing were way different than this Tyco model. Luckily, Cary Locomotive Works makes a cast replacement boiler
(*Scroll down to page 9 of the PDF), called "Pittsburgh type", for this model and Bowser still carries it. The boiler is Item #13-32, Pittsburgh 4-4-0 Conversion Boiler Kit for Mantua General Drive, $29.95 & the superdetail kit is #13-510, For use on Cary Pittsburg 4-4-0, $20.95. After taking careful inventory of the Tyco kit, I am missing one TINY bolt for one of the side rods. When I find that I can proceed with this kitbash.

* Note: This was a few years ago. I've since started modeling the B&O RR.
Here is the original box, and all the parts as I've sorted them.
A closeup on all the parts. I cleaned them up really good after years of being in "the junkyard". They had glue and foam and all sorts of dust. Everything seems to be in good order now.
The Cary Locomotive Works boiler/cab casting and the superdetail kit.
Closeup of boiler/cab & superdetail kit.

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