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This project came about after reading "HO Narrow Gauge Railroad You Can Build" by Malcolm Furlow
Kalmbach Books, 1984-1989, ISBN # 0-89024-058-2. Inside he describes how to modify the Atlas turntable by gluing narrow gauge track, planking and a superstructure to it for the narrow gauge RR in the book. I wasn't interested in the narrow gauge part, but I liked the superstructure. So out of the scrap bin I glued up my own version, painted and weathered it a little. It turned out pretty good. I built this back in High School, about 13 years ago.
Top view A
Top view B
Closeup of trusses. The structure is built from scale lumber, string and some plastic bolt details. A barrel, some scrap lumber, paint and weathering finishes the model.

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