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This was given to me as a gift. The kit is pretty easy and straightforward to assemble. I would like to see some things clarified in the instructions, but overall they are fine. One thing lacking is a list of materials needed to complete the kit on the box exterior. There were no specs for the radio, really, except a vague "3+ channel radio" needed. Also, the slots in the fuselage are small, designed for micro servos; there is no mention of this on the box.
Here are some of the main subassemblies in various states of completion. I used 5 min (15 min) epoxy to affix everything.
The wing.
The wing, no flash. The motor mount is located on the rear center of the wing.
Main fuselage. The dowel on top is to mount the wing (with rubber bands) to the fuselage.
Tail. All of this was completed in one short evening. More to come soon.
The completed model, 04/29/04.
Another shot.
Maggie is curious. Can she play with it?
Nose view.
Rear view.
Here we are on 05/01/04 setting up the plane.
Kristin's Sister & Family came to visit for the weekend and we took it out for a maiden flight. It didn't last long. The wind was so strong and the plane went up and crashed down quickly. My fault - I shouldn't have flown it! :)
Everyone looks on.
Here I am after the wreck. The nose was broken, fuselage cracked, and tail broken off.
Over the next weekend I was able to repair the damage with some epoxy. Because of the simple construction and materials this plane is easy to repair. I'll have to wait for a still weather day to fly again. Silly me.

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