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This is an all wood kit. I had painted it several different colors and never could decide on one that I liked. I finally chose red and thought I'd give the "peeling paint" trick a try. First you spread a tiny bit of rubber cement on the model and let it set up for a few minutes. Then, come back and paint the model. Then, using an eraser or something similar, rub off the paint. Wherever there is rubber cement the outer coat will be removed and you get the peeling paint effect. It's quite nice,
Front. All signs were taken from old paper sheets that I had laying around from my childhood years. I sanded the paper down gently to make them super-thin, then applied them with white glue.
Rear. The "tarpaper" roof was made by laying strips of tissue on the roof and soaking with diluted white glue, then painting them black. It turns out pretty nice, and if you happen to tear it a little bit you can put some gloss black paint on there to simulate a repair job. Or, leave the tear and it's a leak in the roof.

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