Ben Sullivan's Auto Page

Ben Sullivan's Auto Page

This page is dedicated to all the autos that have played a role in my life. I'll begin with those that belonged to my parents, then the vehicles that I owned myself, and finally those that I seek or desire to some day own. Enjoy!

Yesterday... Today... Tomorrow!

1971 Saab 99
??/1971 - ??/1988

saab 99 971
My parents ordered this car from Saab in Sweeden to be picked up by them while on their honeymoon. They flew to Europe, got the Saab, drove it around Europe for a month. They drove it onto a boat, flew back to the USA and the Saab arrived shortly thereafter. They remember the lack of heat, cracking dash and hole in the floor. They also remember the great front-wheel-drive traction. The car was a black-green color, 5-speed manual. I hope to some day track down an old '71 99 and rebuild it. If you know of any good sources, please email me at!

1979 Chevrolet Malibu Station Wagon
??/1979 - ??/1989

1979 chevy malibu station wagon
We got this car when my folks needed a second car and could see that the family would increase in size in the near future. The car was light blue metallic and had a bench seat in the front. Some of my fondest memories are in that car and all the road trips around New England we took. I remember water filling the rear passenger foot wells whenever it rained. It sloshed around like a tub back there. Occasionally Dad would let us ride in the "way-back". Also, my first time behind the wheel was in this car, when, while sitting in my fathers lap, I turned the steering wheel the wrong way and it ran the car up on the curb. My Dad yanked it back and that was the last time I touched a steering wheel in his car until I was 16.

198? Honda Accord
??/198? - ??/1988

It was a silver hatchback, and lasted only a little while. My Dad got it to coummute to work as the Saab had become unreliable and mostly rust. The Honda was fine except for the day when the Realtor was showing our house and we were out on the town driving around, all 4 of us, and some old guy in a Cadillac hit the right fender area.

1989 Toyota Camry Station Wagon
??/1989 - Today!

Maroon. Once we moved from Newton, MA to Potomac, MD we needed to replace the '79 Malibu, as it had died a few times, resurrected time and time again. So, we went shopping - looked at the Subaru Legacy (my fav), Toyota Camry Wagon, and a few others. The Camry won out. This car has seen battle, and with over 200,000 miles on 'er she's still going strong as Mom's daily driver.

1981 VW Rabbit
??/1993 - ??/1993

1981 vw rabbit
My friend Matt sold me the ride, and I stupidly didn't change the oil. It was like mud and the car didn't last more than a few weeks. It was a sweet ride tho - Playboy bunny shift knob, speakers IN the dash (cut outs), diesel fuel leaking into the cargo area... the thing went off roading, over speed-bumps at 40mph, thru leaf piles (and sometimes leaves would come in thru the air ducts), "grand prix", playing Guns 'N Roses, A Tribe Called Quest and Black Sheep REALLY loud, fitting 7 passengers inside, up mountains, and always proved to be a comfy bed for those late nights when you didn't want to go home. My favorite memory of all has to be riding in it with Matt just after he got it, in 4th gear trying to merge onto the the highway and cursing the lack of power at hi revs. Someone suggested seeing if there was a 5th gear. Matt, convinced there wasn't, but frustrated, shifted into 5th. It was priceless. I think he'd been driving the thing for a week or so w/o using 5th gear.

1989 Toyota Camry Sedan
??/199? - ??/??

Some time during High School/College my folks bought a used Camry Sedan, also maroon. This thing was nice to drive, but always seemed to me to be a car that had taken punishment from previous owners in the form of hard driving. The Sedan saw it's end one night on the Capitol Beltway when my dad rear-ended someone in heavy traffic, and was subsequently rear-ended. Luckily no one was hurt.

1991 Toyota Corolla - "The Golden Nugget"
08/1997 - 05/2000

1991 toyota corolla
My Grandmother's car, it was a true Florida car. It had DARK tint (I had to remove all of it myself - ARRGHH! - stupid MD tint laws) and NO rust when I got it. Tip top! It only had 21k miles too! I loved the car and drove it everywhere, including a 3 week tour of the USA. I regret selling the car, and wish I still had 'er; she only had 89k when I did. Everyone has fond memories of the Golden Nugget.

2000 VW Jetta GLX
05/2000 - 09/2000

2000 vw jetta glx
I purchased this car the day after my girlfriend (now wife) broke up with me. Some might say "impulse buy"! I say, no. I'd been researching a new car and had been eyeing the Jetta for a long long time. The day presented itself as a good day to go car shopping and I made the decision based on some repairs I'd recently had done on the Corolla. The GLX was a SWEET ride. It's the nicest car I've ever owned. Too nice, as it turned out. I couldn't afford the $530/mo payments - yikes! I sold the car to a lady from PA in September.

1995 Subaru Legacy L Outback
09/2001 - 05/2003

1995 subaru legacy l outback
I bought this vehicle used in 2000 from Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Bethesda, MD. The Subie was a great car for driving. It handled well and drove solidly. The All Wheel Drive was the best thing about the car. I could never get the wheels to spin, even when I tried in wet weather. Snow, Rain, Mud: this thing could handle it. Unfortunately I couldn't handle the expenses which totaled over $4500 in 2.5 years, maintenance costs only. Some day I hope to return to the Subaru camp.

2003 VW Jetta Wagon GLS 1.8T
05/2003 - 2010

2003 VW Jetta Wagon GLS 1.8T
Oooo! I love this car!

2005 Audi S4 Avant
2010 - 2014

Fun car.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST
2014 - Today

More info on this car over on Wheelwell.
Looking for a manual?

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