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Ben Sullivan's Auto Page
1995 Subaru Legacy L Outback

1995 Subaru Legacy Outback
I bought this vehicle used in 2000 from Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Bethesda, MD. It replaced a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLX (a car I loved but could not afford) which replaced a 1991 Toyota Corolla (a car I should have never sold; excellent condition w/ 89k miles!). Having the Subaru all wheel drive (AWD) has made me a convert. I absolutely love how this car tracks and handles in inclement weather. Snow poses no problem. I would like to upgrade several things on the car, such as the suspension, intake, exhaust, brakes, headlamps, etc. Some day this vehicle might find its way into the local rally circuit, but that remains to be seen.

View service history 09/22/00 - 03/22/03
Some observations on the vehicle over the years.
Rebuilding the Left projector fog lamp
My considerations of the possible mods - not complete, and just my thoughts and findings online.
My second modlist - now more refined. These are products that I'm really considering putting onto my vehicle if I can muster up the $cratch to do it.

On 5/20/04 I received the following letter CLICK HERE. The crappy thing is that I had sold the car OVER ONE YEAR AGO! GOOD WORK CARMAX, THANKS!


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