08/31/2002 West Virginia & Maryland Road Trip

While driving home from a recent hikiing trip I took advantage of discovering several backwoods WV & MD towns and spots along the way.

I have recently heard that the little 0-4-0T in Davis, WV has been moved/scrapped(?) - Can someone please let me know if this is true? cpl_clegg@yahoo.com

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Thomas, WV
Storefronts, including Colabrese Brothers. (thanks Anita from the internet!)
Thomas, WV
Note the fence made from old rails and steel cable.
0-4-0T W.H. Mason Lumber Co.
Located on Hwy. 32 in Davis, WV. (Some info from SteamLocomotive.com)
Front, smokebox
Wood pilot.
3/4 view
Note the air compressor and air tank. The water tank (which would have been mounted atop the boiler in an upside-down "U" shape) is missing.


Rear 3/4 view
There is a lot of sheet metal repair done to the cab.
Rear: Firebox, bulkhead.
Coupler is missing as well as all the instruments.
Rear 3/4 view
Side rods - oil cups
These neat little funnels are for the engineer who is "oiling around" to get oil into the side rod bearings. Also, one can see the brasses of the bearings are still in place.
Left piston
Note air tank above.
Brake compressor
Arm goes down to operate brakes.
Brakes and running gear
From a low angle.
View from rear, looking forward
Axles, fire box is in foreground.
View from rear, looking forward, a little lower
The grates are visible at the top.
Firebox interior
Flues have been removed.
Engineer's side of firebox
Throttle Lever is still in place.
Rear, low angle view
Running gear. Brake cylinder on this side as well.
Running gear, springs, brakes & throttle linkage
A lot of different elements are visible here.
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