06/02-12/2002 British Columbia, Alberta, Canada: Honeymoon

For our honemoon, my wife and I chose British Columbia. We flew to Calgary and drove via the Icefields Pkwy. thru Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and on to our cabin in Tete Jeune Cache, BC. The trip was great and the countryside did not disappoint. I recommend that big corner of the world to anyone looking to get away.

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Lake Louise Station
Alberta. This is the old station which has been converted into a restaurant. Very good food, I might add.
Lake Louise Station sign
Made by the restaurant.
An unusual design.
More dining room
Looking towards the tracks outside.
The bar and large windows
Looking out at the right-of-way, which is considerably higher than the station floor.

An old photo of the station

Another old photo of steam engine, bridge & crew
There are many photos throughout the station.
CP "Killarney" Dining Car
Once a private dining car, now part of the restaurant. My batteries ran out after I shot this so I didn't snap any more that day.
Dunster, British Columbia, Canadian National Station
This little station has been moved from the ROW, down a small hill. This is happening in many of the towns along the mainline railroads in Canada. Faced with destruction due to clearance and maintenance issues, many of the stations are being moved to public land so that they might be preserved. The railroad made Canada what it is today and the folks up there have a lot of pride for the railroad history which passed thru the area.
CN Dunster sign
Marking the location. The CN ROW is gorgeous.
Dunster Station closeup
The bay and turret where the stationmaster would observe traffic. This station is undergoing restoration.
CN intermodal trailer
Parked along the ROW.
CN 79726 Caboose @ Valemount Railroad Museum
On display. This museum has an excellent collection and is another example of a railroad station that was relocated to be preserved. This time, the station was moved about 100 yards from the track.
CN 13316 Speeder
CN 13316 Speeder
CN 79726 Caboose
Other side. The caboose is open for viewing. Note the integrated marker lights in the roof corners - red & green - that's pretty neat.
CN 79726 Caboose, interior
Really well preserved.
CN 13980 Speeder
Little two-seater.
Primitive "scooter" speeder
Left side.
Primitive Tricycle Speeder
Left side. This one is human powered!
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