06/02-12/2002 British Columbia, Alberta, Canada: Honeymoon- Page 2

For our honemoon, my wife and I chose British Columbia. We flew to Calgary and drove via the Icefields Pkwy. thru Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and on to our cabin in Tete Jeune Cache, BC. The trip was great and the countryside did not disappoint. I recommend that big corner of the world to anyone looking to get away.

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CN 13316 Speeder
In front of the relocated Valemount Station.
Valemount Sta.
Front side.
Valemount Sta.
Back side.
The CN mainline
I think this is the "Jasper" branch, but I'm really not sure. This line was about a half mile from our cabin and freights were constantly going back and forth. Like I said earlier, the track is immaculately maintained, just gorgeous.
Freight train passing thru Valemount
I was on a horse when I shot this and minutes later the horse started and TOOK OFF, lost me and my camera. Luckily I wasn't injured but I lost a battery, so no more pics that day! :)

CN 2410, Freight passing thru Valemount
GE C40-8M. Passing by the site of the old station building. VIA (Canada's passenger train service) has a stop here, but It's a special stop, from what I understand. A whistlestop?

Procor tank cars
Freight passing thru Valemount.
CN 388221 Covered Hopper
I really like the spelling on some of the cars - "Canadien"
CN 388507 Covered Hopper
Another Canadien.
ICG Covered Hopper
I think CN bought ICG (?).
Alberta Heritage Fund Covered Grain Hopper
I love these grain hoppers.
CNWX 110143 Covered Hopper
Another neat paint scheme.
Lumber Mill
Neat spot, near Valemount. Here you can see some bulkhead flats designed to carry lumber.
CN Lumber Flat
Parked at same lumber mill.
Makeshift Barge
While out on one of our adventures into the wilderness, we came across this very unusual contraption. It's 4 old RR tank cars, welded together in some sort of frame, with very large timber framing in the center forming a platform. This allows the crawler crane to park on top. I imagine this is a device used by the lumber industry for maneuvering logs in the lake when the water is higher. Isn't the countryside beautiful?
Makeshift Barge
Right front side. UTLX 45196.
Makeshift Barge
Left front side.
Makeshift Barge
Left side. The thing doesn't appear to be in servicable condition. It appears battered and vandalized and very well rusted out.
Makeshift Barge
Note the tank car and the beam welded to it.
Makeshift Barge
End. Wouldn't this make a really cool modeling project?
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