06/02-12/2002 British Columbia, Alberta, Canada: Honeymoon- Part 5

For our honemoon, my wife and I chose British Columbia. We flew to Calgary and drove via the Icefields Pkwy. thru Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and on to our cabin in Tete Jeune Cache, BC. The trip was great and the countryside did not disappoint. I recommend that big corner of the world to anyone looking to get away.

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Old CP Train Board
Schedule board. Nothing on here lately.
Banff Station
Trackside, bay window.
CP Vacuum Truck "VACTOR"
Neat paint job.
Switch lead
Going to sidings across from station.
Switch lead & signal
Guarding the sidings.

Back side.

Front side
Banff Station
There is a restaurant on the right side, and the left side is still used by a Canadian rail tour company.
CP 9560, Unit train
9560, a GE AC4400CW Built in 1995 barrels past Banff station with a covered hopper "unit" train.
PTEX 21397 Covered Hopper
General Electric Railcar Services Corp. (PTEX) unit train. Canpotex is a manufacturer of potash so I can only imagine that these cars are all full of it (or on their way to the Potash plant).
PTEX 21155 Covered Hopper
This entire train was PTEX cars.
The rest of the train approaches.
All covered hoppers.
Entrance to restaurant in Banff Station
It's made up of an old passenger car Celestory roof end and two switch stands. Interesting. And sad.
Calgary, Alberta
View from our hotel room of street cars below.
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