06/02-12/2002 British Columbia, Alberta, Canada: Honeymoon- Page 3

For our honemoon, my wife and I chose British Columbia. We flew to Calgary and drove via the Icefields Pkwy. thru Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and on to our cabin in Tete Jeune Cache, BC. The trip was great and the countryside did not disappoint. I recommend that big corner of the world to anyone looking to get away.

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Makeshift Barge
Right rear side.
UTLX 45196
"CAPY 5269 IMP GAL". Note: you can really see the old waterline here and the areas where the cables wore away the paint between the rivets.
Faded lettering on UTLX 45196.
The crawler crane
Looking very old and lost.
Can't quite read that. Some text on end of UTLX 45196.

UTLX 45196
Note steel beam welded to car.

Canadian Pacific Banff Springs Hotel
Now called the "Fairmont" Banff Springs Hotel. Causeway w/ Canadian Pacific logo on top. The hotel was built by the CP at the turn of the century when lodges and hotels all across the Rockies sprang up to attract rail passengers. Here is a link to the official site.
CP hi-rail Maintenance Of Way truck @ Banff
This is a heavy duty truck with a crane on it. The crane, as I saw on the CN near our cabin, is used to do track work by lifting ties, etc.
CP 428048 Gondola
Probably a MOW car.
CP 428048 Gondola
other angle
Some Trailer Train (TTX) lumber flat cars
Parked at Banff.
CP 427024 Gondola
Parked w/ TTX flats.
Section shed
Note rails extending from shed doors to mainline tracks for speeders & carts.
Storage sheds
These structures looked particulary old in these environs, hearkening back to a day when there was a much more substantial railroad plant here.
Storage sheds
The closese building has asphalt siding covering it while the other is clabbord. Both building appear to be still in use.
CP 402869 Jordan Spreader
Front left side. "Built in 1926 by O.F. Jordan Co." (Info from CarsAndTrains.com)
CP 402869 Jordan Spreader
Left side.
CP 402869 Jordan Spreader
Rear left side.
Looking back at Banff Station (to the left)
Nearing the end of the long platform, I imagine that there once were several tracks to the left of the platform as well, as the levelling and treelessness all seem to suggest it. I'd have to see some old photos to make sure.
CP 428112 Gondola
Probably used as an idler or MOW car in conjunction w/ the plows. This car still bears the old CP "Pacman" paint scheme.
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