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I will try to keep this page up to date with my progress, and other interesting related things. Newest stuff is on the bottom of the page.
2005 News Archive Created
posted: 01/11/2006
All of the News items from 2005 have been moved to the 2005 Archive. Please CLICK HERE to read them! More archives: 2004 | 2003
Some benchwork & Helix progress
posted: 01/11/2006
Got some work done on the benchwork and the Helix - pics are up in the Gallery.
New layout plan & benchwork pics posted
posted: 2/21/2006
Check the Layout & Gallery sections. *NOTE: I will probably be posting more and more photos to my main Gallery page due to its ease of use.
Helix work
posted: 03/20/2006
Had a chance this past weekend to work on the helix for a few hours and made great progress. Drilled holes in the risers for the threaded rod. Installed one half section and got it calibrated. Looks great and was a lot smoother intstall than I thought.
Pics are up in the Main Gallery.
Layout progress & a couple photos
posted: 7/31/2006
Well, it's been a long, long time (once again) since my last update here. If you're regularly checking the Gallery page then you know that I've been posting some progress photos of the layout construction. I'm about half way done with the helix but it's slow going. Mainly due to the addition to my family- a new baby girl! Born on 7/5/06.

In the meantime, I've done a couple other things GB related. I was lucky enough to gain access to a wonderful collection of old GB photos and documents which has helped greatly in my research. I also took a tour of the Georgetown Waterfront to document all the changes that are occuring there. And, I've posted a couple photos from a site visitor in the Gallery.

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