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The Georgetown Branch: Gallery
These are pics that I've taken or gathered. Mainly a collection of layout progress and prototype shots, this page will hopefully continue to grow.
GB Prototype Photos
01/08/2003 03/20/2002: Georgetown Junction
3 stills from a video I shot up there in 2002. Shows a surviving not-in-service signal protecting the mainline.
01/22/2003 01/18/2003: First Annual Georgetown Branch Tour
Some fans of the GB got together and walked some sections of the GB in Bethesda, MD.
06/26/2003 04/16/2003: Three Bridges on the GB over the C&O Canal
A group of pics & maps of the bridges. Lots of closeups.
10/29/2003 10/18/2003: B&O RR Historical Society Sorting Session
A few GB treasures I dug up.
02/05/2004 11/22/2003: B&O RR Historical Society Sorting Session
A nice G-town photo from 1958.
03/08/2004 &
1983-84: Matthew G. Vurek Photos along the Branch
A few shots of the Met Local on its way to G-town & Bethesda proper.
09/28/2004 09/13/2004: GB Tour: From Little Falls Pkwy. to Georgetown
Some photos I took along the right-of-way of surviving relics.
11/30/2004 10/16/2004: The Wm. Duvall Collection
Photos of the GB by Chevy Chase native Wm. Duvall. These are gorgeous photos which he has allowed me to share. Enjoy!
12/29/2004 12/29/2004: Photos of E.L. "Tommy" Thompson
A collection of photos from Tommy's albums found at the B&ORRHS Archives.
07/28/2005 07/22/2005: Georgetown from the Potomac
Images from a boat trip up the Potomac of the Georgetown waterfront.
7/31/2006 6/27/2006: Photos from Jack Toomey collection
A visitor to the site shares a couple views of the GB.

GB Model Railroad Progress Photos
01/07/2003 01/01/2003: Demolition: Day 1
Train room demolition begins on New Year's Day.
01/08/2003 01/05/2003: Demolition: Day 2
Train room demolition continues.
09/08/2003 09/06-07/2003: Electrical Work
After a long hiatus I finally got around to installing the electrical circuits and more.
12/11/2003 12/02/2003: Painting/Sealing
In the layout room.
12/23/2003 12/21/2003: Removing furring strips & sealing holes
Ongoing work in the layout room.
01/06/2004 01/02/2004: Painting
Once again, some painting. A year since I began work in the room!
01/06/2004 01/04/2004: The wood paneling goes up
Day one of a two day project.
01/12/2004 01/11/2004: Finishing the wood paneling
Finally, some walls.
01/20/2004 01/20/2004: Trim, Spackling, Insulation & Conduit
Some more finishing work.
03/08/2004 02/29/2004: Drop Ceiling, Pt. 1
Episode one of the drop ceiling installation.
03/18/2004 03/14/2004: Drop Ceiling, Pt. 2
Continued installation of the drop ceiling, and the connection of one of the electrical circuits.
04/08/2004 04/03/2004: Drop Ceiling, Pt. 3
Episode three of the drop ceiling installation.
04/08/2004 04/04/2004: Drop Ceiling, Pt. 4
Episode 4! The saga continues.
04/12/2004 04/10/2004: Drop Ceiling, Pt. 5
The drop ceiling is almost done!
11/30/2004 11/27/2004: Fluorescent Lights installed
Let there be lights!
04/04/2005 04/03/2005: Helix construction begins
Cutting plywood and changing the designs completely.
1/11/2006 1/10/2006: Benchwork & Helix Base
Finally got started on the benchwork and made some more progress with the Helix.
2/21/06 2/21/2006: More benchwork pics! *NOTE: check my main Gallery page for pics from now on.

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