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11/29/2004 - I recently visited a Chevy Chase native who shot many gorgeous photos of the GB back in the 50's - 70's. Here are the slides, digitized. They are arranged in geographic order, beginning at MP 0 of the GB, Georgetown Jct. All photos are © William Duvall. The date in parentheses in the title is the development date printed on the slide. The slides, mainly KodaChrome, were scanned with a Polaroid SprintScan 120 at 4000dpi.
Pics WB through Columbia CC
(Jan 1971)

B&O FM H-12-44 (blt. 1951) #9717 leads a string of hoppers through the golf course. Hopper Reporting Marks: B&O 729662, B&O 235462, B&O 73964, B&O ?, B&O 235422, N&W ?, N&W ?.
Pics GP9 6523 and C-2937 passing through Columbia CC
(Feb 1976)

Westbound through the golf course in the dead of winter.
Pics 9717 passing beneath East-West Highway
(Apr 1969)

A snowy day and a string of covered hoppers. Note headlight projecting onto caboose cupola.
Pics 9708 passing under East West Highway
(Apr 1969)

H-10-44 9708 (blt. 1948) heads West toward Georgetown. Reporting Marks: C-2602, ?, NW, ?, ?, ?...
Pics Passing beneath the Air Rights building in Bethesda
(Oct 1972)

With a B&O passenger car in tow. Note generator down by the tracks.
Pics 9725 emerging WB from Wisconsin Ave. overpass.
(Nov 1966)

Air Rights building in the upper right corner, with original facade. Up on Wisc. Av. is "Bethesda Builders Supply" (brick building). Blue sign in upper left corner reads "McNeil Motors, Mercedes Benz, ..." which was located just to the left of the photograher. 9725 is an H-12-44. Reporting Marks: C-?, NYC,...
Pics Bethesda Freight House
(Oct 1978)

The B&O Freight house as a garden center. A Southern passenger car 3167 (named "... ING") is parked on the passing siding. Two Barwood taxis wait next to the Freight House.
Pics WM (Ex C&O) GP9 5994 crossing Bethesda Ave.
(Jan 1978)

What a strange engine! Note the load of wood on the running board of the engine. Train is Westbound.
Pics C&O GP9 6146 crossing Bethesda Ave.
(May 1967)

Pulling a WM covered hopper, probably switching the Maloney Concrete plant, located behind the car.
Pics South end of Bethesda yard
(May 1981)

EMD GP38 (blt. 1967) 3819 is on point of a Chessie System work train. Gons, flats with crawler cranes and a Caboose are awaiting duty.
Pics A duo of H16-44's traverses the shoofly bridge over Bradley Blvd.
(May 1959)

In 1959 Bradley Blvd. was widened from a 2 lane road to a divided 6 lane road. Here, bridge construction is underway and a shoofly trestle has been constructed on the North side of the site. 6708 & 6707 (blt. 1957) are only 2 years old here. Reporting Marks: CNJ, B&O *Note "Time Saver Service" logo, ?, ?...
Pics Crossing Bradley Blvd.
(Feb 1969)

H12-44 9717 leads a train West toward Georgetown across the 3-span Bradley Blvd. bridge. Reporting Marks: C-2602, ?, B&O, ?, ?, ?...
Pics Crossing Little Falls Pkwy.
(May 1965)

B&O ALCo S2 9035 pushes some covered hoppers and train past a waiting MG & VW. Heading Eastbound toward downtown Bethesda. Reporting Marks: WM 5198, WM 5535, ?...
Pics Through the cherry blossoms in Kenwood.
(May 1972)

Just after crossing Dorset Ave. eastbound B&O GP9 6518 should be blowing the horn for Little Falls Rd. as it heads towards Bethesda. The train is about as colorful as the trees! Reporting Marks: MILW 7903, B&O 453487, BN, UP, P&LE, ?, ?, ?, ?...
Pics Crossing River Rd.
(May 1973)

B&O EMD GP9 6589 (blt. 1958) & caboose C-2900 heading East toward downtown Bethesda. Lots of neat things in this photo. WDCA TV 20 is in the background. When the studio was built, they requested that the train not blow its horn so as not to disturb the broadcasting. The Restaurant is "JR Hot Shoppes", a local DC institution. The marquee reads "HAPPINESS IS EATING HERE". Behind the photographer is a large Marriott (nee Hot Shoppes) warehouse facility. The yellow sign in the center of the pic reads "Marriott Corporation, 5181 River Road". The two lights facing the photographer to the left of the stop sign are warning drivers on Landy Ln. The bottom one lights up and reads "NO RIGHT TURN". It is lit in this photo. And, my favorite gem, the stop sign has a bumper sticker which reads NIXON on it.
Pics Crossing Massachusetts Ave.
(Mar 1977)

B&O GP9 6608 heads westbound across the nicely decorated bridge across Mass. Ave. Beneath the stone facade is a regular deck girder bridge. The facade, constructed in 1973, is located in a somewhat upscale area, thus the decor. Reporting marks: C-2958, B&O 486372,...
Pics Approaching Dalecarlia reservoir, westbound
(Mar 1974)

B&O 6943, an EMD GP30 (blt. 1962-3), heads west toward Georgetown as it passes through the woods near Dalecarlia reservoir. In a moment it will pass through the Dalecarlia Tunnel.
Pics South portal of Dalecarlia Tunnel
(Feb 1974)

This tunnel passes beneath MacArthur Blvd. (nee Conduit Rd.). It's 340.9' long, 21' high, 18' wide, and is lined with brick. The tunnel was built between 1908 and 1910.
Pics GP9 6524 emerges from Dalecarlia Tunnel
(Feb 1974)

Moments after the first pic was taken, the train blew its horn off in the distance and approached the tunnel. Train is westbound, headed to Georgetown.
Pics DC Transit (Glen Echo line) passing beneath the GB
(Nov 1959)

A PCC car zips around the curve and heads for downtown DC. View is Northwest. Above the car and to the left one can just make out some cars spotted on the Dalecarlia Reservoir/Treatment Plant siding. There were 5 tracks there, with unloading for chlorine in both solid and liquid form. Note the condition of the DCT track.
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